Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

VMD-Law Firm can provide defense to defendants in criminal courts, always caring for picking the best defensive strategy for each specific case. The office also offers defense to injured parties, both out of court and in court, and it provides assistance to civil claimants in criminal cases who seek compensation for damages, both iure proprio and iure haereditatis. The Firm operates not only when a penal code crime is involved, but also when the source of law is a Special Act.

Corporate criminal law – corporate crimes

The office is particularly interested in corporate crimes and it has improved its expertise studying in deep the new case law, which has increasingly developed after the recent changes included in the Decree. n. 61/02, a corporate criminal law reform, and in the Law n. 262 of the 2005.

All the issues involved are dealt with particular focus on administrators’ liability, both for partnerships and for joint-stock companies, and on third parties’ defense when they are injured parties by such crimes.

Bankruptcy crimes

In this context, VMD-Law Office carries out legal assistance activities (with regard to insolvency proceedings as well), as well as defense attorney, both when the administrators are on trial as defendants under the R.D. n. 267/42 and when in need of protection as injured parties, by such crimes, who can gain the bankruptcy receivership.

Criminal Labour Law

VMD-Law Firm devotes part of his work to job safety disputes – both out of court and in court –, with a particular focus on the issues relating to company administrators’ liability, and liability profiles of safety officers and of the functioning of responsibilities assignment.

Therefore, they study in deep all the issues relating to safety preventive measures at work. In this field, VMD professionals provide legal advice to several companies, in order to prevent any possible breach of a complex regulatory framework. VMD Law Firm offers attorney both to defendants and to injured parties for such crimes.

Insurance Criminal Law: medical and professional liability

VMD-Law Firm also operates in the insurance criminal law field, with a particular focus to medical and professional liability. VMD Law professionals have increasingly improved the study of medical liability profiles, with concern to every side of this field, from doctor’s liability, to team liability, to every issue relating to informed consent to surgical and medical treatments. The defense provided by VMD Law is insured to both injured parties and every other individual who is a party in a civil trial concerned with professional liability. VMD Law Office’s activities include legal assistance also when the litigation has to be withstood out of court.

Tax crimes

VMD-Law Firm deals with tax law breaches, both when a company and an individual are involved. All issues relating to incriminating subject matters, included in D.Lgs. n. 74/2000, are dealt with. VMD Law represents its clients in court and assists them when faced with the main breaches of income and valued-added taxes regulation, including the new provisions added in the Act n. 141 of 10/3/2009, which incorporated the d.l. n. 103/2009 on “Remedial measures for crises decree n. 78 of 2009” (c.d. “Scudo fiscale”).