Corporate Law e M&A

Corporate Law e M&A

Corporate Law e M&A

VMD-Law partners have achieved a high level of legal expertise in commercial and corporate law. They provide legal advice to every company from its creation – by identifying which are the best solutions, in order to protect their clients’ interests – , and by monitoring their evolution, including the accomplishments of operations – such as capital flows, mergers and acquisitions, fissions, conversions, rentals and transfers of the company. Moreover, they deal with corporative judicial disputes, assisting company members, corporation’s organs members and creditors, when in a struggle with court or arbitration claims.

Start Up

Thanks to the high specialization achieved in corporate law, built with several collaborations with important financial advisors, VMD Law partners provide legal advice to Start Ups right from their creation, throughout the accomplishment of their compliances, in trademark protection, as well as the contractual arrangements with investors, lenders, suppliers and collaborators.

Bankruptcy crimes

In this context, VMD-Law Office carries out legal assistance activities (with regard to insolvency proceedings as well), as well as defense attorney, both when the administrators are on trial as defendants under the R.D. n. 267/42 and when in need of protection as injured parties, by such crimes, who can gain the bankruptcy receivership.

Corporate criminal law – corporate crimes

The office is particularly interested in corporate crimes and it has improved its expertise studying in deep the new case law, which has increasingly developed after the recent changes included in the Decree. n. 61/02, a corporate criminal law reform, and in the Law n. 262 of the 2005.

All the issues involved are dealt with particular focus on administrators’ liability, both for partnerships and for joint-stock companies, and on third parties’ defense when they are injured parties by such crimes.