Mara Bisi


Mara Bisi

Dr. Bisi graduated in law at the University of Turin in 2015 discussing a thesis on “To translate or not to translate: the dilemma of translatability in law according to Pierre Legrand.”

She is currently attending her PHD course with a project on “Legal transplants and transcultural structures: trust, waqf and benami” at the University of Turin and she assists the chair of Comparative Legal Systems and Indian Law at the same University.

Furthermore, she attended a summer course of the International Faculty of Comparative Law of Strasbourg on Comparative Law, with specific focus on Common Law systems.

Since January 2017, she is enrolled in the Junior Barrister Register of the Turin Bar Association. Professionally, she mainly works in the field of private law, both in Court and out-of-Court, and she is specialised in compensation for damages, family law and contract law, both at a national and an international level.